The UK’s Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) is warning motorists to watch out for scam emails and texts targeting victims in attempts to gather personal and financial details.

Even if the text or email appears to be from the DVLA, if you’re asked for payment details or to log in to your account, it’s a scam.

The DVLA has also issued warnings over scam third-party websites which are charging hefty fees for processing DVLA applications.

In the past 12 months, the DVLA has received over 800 reports of unofficial scam services offering driving licence renewal services to over-70s. These services are actually free on the DVLA’s official website.

When applying for a DVLA service, check the website address and make sure you only use a ‘‘ website.

Primark gift cards bearers of fraudulent tidings

Emails promising Primark gift card ‘rewards’ are circulating in an attempt to trap unwary victims in the run up to Christmas.

Some of the fake Primark emails are spoofing the domain of online retailer Wayfair. Despite spoofing a completely different retailer, the official domain may make the email appear more legitimate if it arrives unsolicited in your inbox.

Phishing emails promising ‘Primark Rewards’ are also circulating. They claim that you need to activate a delivery to receive ‘rewards.’

The email promises big rewards, over £1300 for doing next to nothing. This alone should raise a red flag. The email attempts to deceive you by including ‘your account information’, which may appear legitimate at first glance. However, look closely and you will see it only contains information that’s part of your email address.

As a general point, clicking through on links in fake emails will only send you to potentially dangerous websites designed to scoop up and compromise your personal information.

Stop and think before you click the link.