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by Steve Bell

Turning up the heat

An exploit in smart thermostats reveals just how flawed many IoT devices are when it comes to security with researchers revealing just how easy it is to take control of heating systems and demand a payment to hand them back to their owners. Thankfully BullGuard customers can be reassured that they are in safe hands when it comes to protecting th...

by Steve Bell

Racists and Barbie meet on common ground

As the number of smart internet-connected devices grows into billions so do concerns about lack of security, whether it’s a digital photo frame, a smart TV or even a Barbie doll. A recent attack on the Internet of Things exploited tens of thousands of printers, it was claimed. The hacker described it as fun; others said it’s the shape of things ...

by Steve Bell

The future is almost here –and it’s looking insecure

It might be argued that currently many people have little interest in smart connected devices much less Internet of Things security. But so powerful are the combined commercial interests that are driving this new technology wave that smart devices will soon be as common as electric kettles. And before we know it we’ll accept and use smart techno...