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by Steve Bell

Kid’s smart watches slapped down in Germany

Germany has slapped a ban on children’s smart watches because of spying concerns. Telecoms regulator the Federal Network Agency urged parents who had such watches to destroy them. The smart watches are generally aimed at children between the ages of five and 12. Most are equipped with a Sim card and have limited telephony function. They are se...

by Steve Bell

Internet of Things – your questions answered

Perhaps you’ve heard about the latest Internet of Things (IoT) attack. Perhaps you haven’t. Not so long ago a very large number of IoT devices, were compromised and roped into a botnet. This army of hacked devices took down lots of big websites. Then it happened again. More smart devices were hacked to create an even potentially more damaging bo...

by Steve Bell

Smart TVs – staying safe

Television is undergoing something of a revolution with the advent of streaming services whether it’s Netflix, the BBC, Amazon or others. Unfortunately you won’t find many foreign classics such as La Haine, The World of Apu or Seven Samurai on these services though Netflix does throw up a smattering of foreign films.