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by BullGuard

BullGuard Game Booster… the choice for lightning fast, secure gaming

It’s official. BullGuard’s patent pending Game Booster is the best. Game Booster is for hard core gamers who also need protection from malware on their computers. Malware infections not only slow computers down, they can also crash them. For hard core gamers who play every day this is a disaster. BullGuard is the only internet security pr...

by Steve Bell

1.4 million customer records exposed

Customers of a number of UK clothing and accessories websites have had their personal information exposed following a security breach at an IT services provider they were sharing.

by Steve Bell

UK set to build court dedicated to cybercrime

A court dedicated solely to dealing with the aftermath of cybercrime has been given the go ahead. By acknowledging that cybercrime is now firmly on the justice and law agenda, it is in some senses an iconic move.