Keep fighting for
your privacy

by Steve Bell

How to help protect kids from malware

Today’s youngsters today face challenges and risks never known to previous generations. They use and live in a world of technology that gives them instant access to people and information across the world.

by Steve Bell

How to spot email scams - and block them

Email scams are commonly known as ‘phishing’ because that is precisely what they do; fish for personal and private information such as payment card details and bank account numbers.

by Steve Bell

How BullGuard protects you

BullGuard is in the business of keeping you safe online. But you might wonder how we actually do that. Well, BullGuard has a lot of security strings to its bow and given that most of us bank and shop online we’ve set out the security components that keep you safe during these activities. Read on.

by Steve Bell

How to Steal a Million

A recently published book, How to Steal a Million, The memoirs of a Russian Hacker, lifts the lid on the ‘carding market’ which thrives on the dark web.

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