Black Friday Shopping Friday

Stay safe online with our best deals of the year

by Steve Bell

Points to consider before buying a smart device

There’s no getting away from it, many smart devices are pretty cool. A smart TV for instance, hooks up to the internet and gives you big screen access to some really interesting content –depending on your interests of course.

by Steve Bell

March of the IoT botnets

A new botnet, which appears to be in a testing phase, has been discovered targeting poorly-protected Internet of Things (IoT) devices to launch distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks. The Chalubo bot is using obfuscation techniques to hide its presence.

by Steve Bell

iPhone bug allows anyone to access your photos

A bug in the iPhone 12.0.1 operating system allows someone with physical access to a phone to bypass the password setting. It’s a relatively complex hack in that it requires 10 steps to complete it but that said once learnt its easy repeated.

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