by Steve Bell

The dark birth of Genesis

A new cybercrime marketplace has emerged on the dark web and is unlike anything seen before. Dubbed Genesis it is currently selling the digital footprints of over 60,000 users.

by Steve Bell

How to identify and guard against fraudulent text messages

Smishing might sound like something the Smurfs do but alas it’s nothing so innocent. It’s a commonly used term for SMS phishing, that is, the dark art of stealing money or identities in response to a phone text message. Like any other devious method of fraud its aim is to manipulate people into taking various actions which leads to them being d...

by Steve Bell

Scareware, is it still and thing? All you need to know.

Just the name scareware is a bit foreboding. But this deceptive phishing tactic has many names and is sometimes known as rogue scanner software or fraudware. It’s a multimillion-dollar criminal enterprise that leverages the anxiety and fear of unaware victims.

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