Data Privacy

It’s the day of the fight back. Are you ready?

by BullGuard

Product Alert: Children’s SMA-WATCH-M2 smartwatch is dangerous

The AV-Test Institute has issued a product warning for the Chinese made smartwatch SMA-WATCH-M2. The independent testing organisation said the watch had a litany of worrying security failures, for instance, revealing the exact location data of more than 5,000 children around the globe.

by BullGuard

Gulp - only 7% of US citizens over 55 use a VPN.

A recent survey of American citizens over the age of 55 revealed some eye-opening beliefs. BullGuard surveyed 2,000 people to find out how they protect data and ensure online privacy. A startlingly high 67% said they believe that antivirus software alone is enough for online protection.

by BullGuard

The importance of machine learning in cybersecurity

We hear a lot about artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), but what is the difference? AI is intelligence developed by machines and machine learning is a sample of artificial intelligence, a sort of subtopic of AI.

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