by BullGuard

Netflix and Disney+ scams

As Covid-19 infections began gathering pace in January and many governments mulled social lockdown, global streaming giant Netflix anticipated a global increase of 7 million new subscribers.

by BullGuard

Cybersecurity tips for small businesses

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, millions of small businesses have had to deal with a raft of cybersecurity measures that many will have had no previous experience of such as using VPNs, choosing the correct one, and how to ensure safe remote working.

by BullGuard

Small business cyber health can be simple and low cost

Businesses of all sizes are struggling amid the coronavirus pandemic but the impact has been felt most by small businesses. Governments have stepped in making loans available and despite initial teething problems, money is finally beginning to filter through to ease cash flow problems. Social platforms have also introduced new features specifica...

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