Black Friday

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by BullGuard

UK fraud is a national security threat

Fraud in the UK has risen to a level where it poses a “national security threat”, according to the main banking body, with £754m stolen from bank customers during the first half of this year – a 30% rise on the same period in 2020.

by BullGuard

New cyber underground service, phishing campaigns to order

In the spirit of keeping you up to speed with the latest developments in the cyber underground, so you know what to watch out for, a phishing-as-a-service operation has been uncovered that’s selling fake log-in pages for services such as Microsoft’s OneDrive, American Express and Google Docs.

by BullGuard

HMRC fraud scams double in one year

Everybody’s favourite government department HMRC (the taxman), has detected more than 450 Covid financial support scams, responded to more than one million reports of suspicious contact and reported more than 13,000 malicious web pages in the past year.