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In a nutshell, the term ‘internet security’ is used to describe software which protects your computer, the data on it and ultimately yourself, from being exploited online. ‘Internet security’ is usually a compilation of different types of security tools, such as antivirus, anti spam filters, firewalls and anti spyware software – a so-called ‘suite’.



Why do you need online protection?
The internet is teeming with threats to your computer. Some will crash your system, others will allow criminals to get to your personal information and abuse it to empty your bank accounts or create credit cards and incur debts in your name. Some will lure you down dark online passageways and trick you into handing over the information yourself.


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What do you need protection from?
Computer viruses, spam, spyware, identity theft, hacking, phishing, fraud and social engineering are all terms you hear in the news on a regular basis. They are all particular strains of infections that can attack your computer and yourself. Click on the term you want to know more about.



How best to protect yourself online
Always keep your internet security software active and updated.
Always keep all your other software updated.
Apply common sense.


Dodgy people are working round the clock to figure out ways to trick you, so don’t rely on yourself being able to stay on top of all online safety issues.



Let the good guys help you out!
In this battle there are two groups of good guys:


One is the companies developing the software you use. The bad guys work hard to find and exploit security holes in their software – the good guys work hard to create patches to mend those holes.


The second is your internet security software company. One like BullGuard, who has people working round the clock to anticipate and block the bad guys’ next move, making sure there is no way in to your system and that the only information leaving it does so with your informed consent.



Get help from our Support Team
If you’re in trouble online, you forgot all you learnt in your Advanced Computer Maintenance studies and even your 10-year-old son has to admit defeat, it’s about time you got in touch with the BullGuard Support Team.

We dedicate a lot of resources to giving you state-of-the-art online support, and offer a fine selection of online support options, including BullGuard Live Support Chat. No problem is too great or too small for our experts to deal with, and if you're a registered BullGuard user you can use the free Live Support Chat 24/7.


Backup online – the safest route to data recovery 
Another important aspect of internet security is storage. Today most home users keep all manner of personal, confidential and irreplaceable files on their computer – family photos for example – which it would be a disaster to lose if their computer crashes.



Yes! Computers do crash and hard drives break down
They do, you know ... A hard drive normally comes with a limited warranty of two to five years and most manufacturers rate their products to last about five years before they begin to develop bad sectors, lose data and perhaps finally break down.


That’s why online data backup is a really good idea – right up there with locking the front door when you leave the house, putting on a parachute before jumping out of an aeroplane, or hitting the breaks before you smash into a concrete wall up ahead.
In short: If you see it coming, protect yourself.



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Do you have questions about internet security?
The BullGuard Support Team is available to answer any questions about internet security in general and BullGuard’s products in particular.
Our Live Support is available 24/7, with a guaranteed 1 hour response time.



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