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Backup and recovery – keeps your data safe online Online Backup, Remote Data Recovery, Online Data Backup - BullGuard If 'data protection and recovery' is the question, 'online backup' is the answer Online backup for data protection

BullGuard Backup is the ultimate online backup solution for keeping your electronic valuables safe, as it allows you to retrieve and access everything, regardless of what calamities might befall your computer.

What is backup?
Backup is copies of the data you don’t want to risk losing. And the safest and easiest form of backup is online backup. If you store your files online they will be impervious to any damage to both your computer and its surroundings.


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Why use online backup?
“My whole life was on there!” If you ever experienced a computer breakdown, you’ll recognize the sentiment.
And that’s why backup should be an essential part of your online to-do list if you spend any time on your computer for anything important, be it personal or business related.


Do you need data recovery?
Sooner or later most of us will likely experience the dreadful death of a hard drive and – unless you back up your data regularly – it is almost always a disaster to lose months or years of irreplaceable files.
While you will obviously be able to recover or recreate some of your data – with more or less hassle – some things are irretrievable: You cannot go back and reshoot pictures and footage of family and friends, for instance.


If your computer crashes, is destroyed or is infected with a virus, with online backup you will still have access to your files from any computer with internet access. You can then restore your files to your computer proper from these backup sources.


Don’t expect your hard drive to last forever!
Hard drives are fragile. They normally come with a limited warranty of two to five years and most manufacturers rate their products to last about five years before they begin to develop bad sectors, lose data and perhaps finally break down.
But bear in mind that lifespan figures are just averages. A hard drive's life expectancy might be six years, but that doesn't mean that yours won't fail next month or next week.
And no hard drive manufacturer offers a warranty against lost data.


Protection from physical damage to your computer
Of course a faulty hard drive isn't the only risk to your data. Fire, theft, data corruption, human error, extremely aggressive computer viruses, or your kids tampering with your computer gear – these things actually do happen and not necessarily just to other people.


Laptops are much more sensitive
Your data is especially exposed if you use a laptop. Due to its size a laptop is tempting prey to any thief and if you travel with your computer it can be difficult to guard it at all times.
Furthermore, a laptop is sensitive. It can easily be damaged if it is dropped or a cup of coffee is spilled over it.


Why online backup is safer and easier
Out of all the ways you can backup your files, online backup is the absolute safest. There are two overall weaknesses when saving your stuff on physical devices – CDs, DVDs, memory sticks, extra hard drives or the like:


1. Your backup device needs to be kept in a different location than your computer. Otherwise your data is still unprotected from theft, damage, and fire.


2. You will probably forget to download your files as often as you should, and there will be lots of recent stuff lost when whatever happens, happens.


Online backup equals instant recovery and easy access
If you use online backup, your files are stored on en external server, and you can just download the files to a new computer when you need to.


You can also set the backup to run automatic backups every day, so that you always have the latest versions of your files, and you don’t have to worry about remembering to get it done.


More facts about the advantages of remote backup

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