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The 5 Major Reasons Why You Need Mobile Backup - BullGuard


The mobile landscape is rapidly evolving. Mobile devices have become real hubs for all sorts of personal information, photos, work files, music, videos and so much more and people depend on them for everything from financial transactions and work-related activities, to personal connections.


According to Ericsson’s Traffic and Market Data Report (February 2012), around 60% of the world’s population has a mobile phone subscription, i.e. approximately about 4.1 billion subscribers worldwide. Other research data, from Juniper Networks (May 2012), shows that mobile users own, on average, three Internet-connected devices, which they use to access their most personal information – banking details, usernames and passwords, and even medical information – and in many cases, work-related files and data. Also, more and more companies have started to support the "Bring Your Own Device" policy, encouraging employees to use their own mobile devices for work. All these facts reflect a rapid expansion of the mobile market which brings with it a rise in mobile threats and misfortunes as well. These in turn, make a strong case for ensuring that all the information you store on your mobile devices stays safe and sound. What’s the best, simplest solution at hand for that?



With the rapid evolution of the mobile landscape – both technologically and in number of mobile users –backup software for mobile phones has become more than just another security service. It’s a real necessity for smartphone users. Just ask yourself these questions:



  • How many numbers in your contact list do you know by heart?
  • Do you use your personal phone for work?
  • Do you carry important data and files on it?
  • Does your mobile device act as a personal agenda as well?
  • What would you do without your appointments and calendar?



And now think of what mobile misfortunes may happen. Here are just five:



1. Mobile malware can render your device useless. More so if you don’t have a mobile security app to protect your phone by real-time malware detection. Trojans and viruses can take over your phone, destroy its system and everything on it. While the device can be easily replaced, the content stored on it… not so much. That is, if you don’t have a backup for it.


2. Your battery can run low when you least expect it. Imagine being in a meeting and having to access an important document you only have on your home PC and your phone. With a dead battery you can’t really access it right away, can you? But what if you had an online mobile backup app that allowed you to back up all important data to a secure online server and access it from any device, anywhere?


3. You can lose your device. Especially if it’s a cool little smartphone you carry in your pocket all the time. Again, you have to make sure that irreplaceable data stays safe for you to access it wherever, whenever.


4. Thieves can steal your device and every piece of precious information on it. If you leave it unsupervised in a coffee shop for example, that might just happen.


5. You can damage your device beyond repair by accident at any time. Remember this next time you save a new contact to your list. Automatic mobile backup installed on your device means you don’t need a disaster recovery plan.


These five common misfortunes that can happen to anybody are also 5 major reasons why you need a mobile backup solution. BullGuard Mobile Backup 12 offers you more than enough space to back up all crucial mobile contents – from phone contacts, calendar, SMS, MMS, photos, music, videos, ringtones, user settings and selected files and folders – and the possibility to access them remotely, from any device, anywhere. With this app you can also set up incremental and automatic backups to run as often as you like, and then just forget about them. If you change your device, you can easily transfer all the contents from the old to the new one – fast, easy, no hassle.


BullGuard Mobile Backup 12

BullGuard Mobile Backup 12

Online access to your backed-up items, from any device
Up to 15 GB of online backup, for a wide range of items
Migration capabilities to transfer items between phones.


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