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Conficker, also known as Downup, Downadup and Kido, is a computer worm targeting the Microsoft Windows operating system and it was first detected in November 2008.


It uses flaws in Windows software and Dictionary attacks on administrator passwords to co-opt machines and link them into a virtual computer that can be commanded remotely by its authors.


Conficker has spread rapidly into what is now believed to be the largest computer worm infection since the 2003 SQL Slammer, with more than seven million government, business and home computers in over 200 countries now under its control. The worm has been unusually difficult to defeat because of its combined use of many advanced malware techniques.


Do you suspect a Win32 Worm has slipped into your system? Win32 Worm removal is made easy by running your internet security software with a built-in worm remover, such as BullGuard Internet Security.




How to remove Conficker Worms – 3 ways


The no. 1 worm removal tool

Your internet security program will do its best to ensure that worms never slip in. But if you suspect a worm has infected your system, run your anti virus protection software – it will quarantine and delete worm infected files on your computer.

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The 2nd way applies when in doubt – get support!

Not quite sure all caterpillars are gone? Contact your internet security support and let them help you get rid of all harmful malware from the digital zoo.

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The 3rd way is for the bold ones out there - DIY

If you are feeling up for a pretty big technical challenge, visit the BullGuard Antivirus Forum and find our step-by-step guide on worm removal. We must warn you that you are stepping into techie territory at your own risk.



What you need to know about computer worms


The main thing you need to know about this kind of malware is that it spreads without user action. A computer worm is of different types, each designed to harm your computer to a different degree. By multiplying themselves, some of them can take up space and slow down your PC. Others also carry a so-called “payload”, which can damage your computer even further – it might delete files from your PC, or even enable other malware to join in. Clearly, you need internet security and malware protection if you want to have a worm-free computer. Computer worms are typically invisible files, which is why they are very hard to detect. Unlike other malware, such as viruses, they do not link up to a computer program or an e-mail attachment; however, they can send copy of themselves from one computer to another using, for example, e-mail address books.


As they can slip into your PC without you knowing or doing anything, it is best that you keep your internet security software and operating system constantly up-to-date.


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