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With BullGuard Internet Security you can always do a virus scan of your computer. The virus scan will detect any threats to your computers safety and then offer you to remove them - antivirus scanning made easy!

How to do a BullGuard antivirus scan

  1. Download a free trial of BullGuard Internet Security
  2. Start by locating the BullGuard icon in the lower right corner of your screen – look for a tiny icon with a gorgeous white bulldog on a red background. Press the icon.
  3. A BullGuard menu will now appear. Press “Scan for viruses”
  4. The virus scan will now start automatically – sit back and relax while we do a comprehensive check of your computer.
  5. After the scan you will be notified of the results. If you get a “BullGuard didn’t find any problems in this scan”-notice you are malware free and you can press “finish”. If you get a “BullGuard found an X-number of problems”- notice you press the “Fix”-button and the BullGuard bulldog will bark away all malware for you.

When in doubt – press the “?” in the upper right corner of the BullGuard menu or contact our online support team - the nice security geeks can’t wait to help.

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Two kinds of automatic antivirus scans
You can scan your computer DIY-style with BullGuard Internet Security. But your BullGuard Internet Security also scans disk and memory automatically, looking for telltale signs of viruses – so-called ‘signatures’.
There are two basic kinds of automatic scans:

‘Real-time scans’ scan files as you use them or as they are loaded on to your computer.
‘Scheduled scans’ scan your entire computer when you’re not using it.

More tips to keeping your computer virus free
Keeping antivirus programmes updated is imperative. Because new viruses are released every day, there's always a possibility that your computer can be infected by a virus that your antivirus program does not "know" about.
That’s why BullGuard updates itself every two hours while you are connected to the Internet making sure that you remain perfectly safe online.

Keep your other software up to date. Since viruses often propagate by exploiting flaws in operating systems or commonly used programs, keep your computer's operating system and other software updated.

Whenever possible configure your computer to download and install critical updates automatically. Otherwise, check for software updates regularly.

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