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  • One of the best… again

    BullGuard has again come out on top in the latest AV Comparatives performance test for September 2017, beating out many other anti-malware security software vendors. AV Comparatives is an independent organization based in Austria that regularly tests and assesses antivirus software. Its performance test is designed to assess the impact of antivirus software on PC system performance.

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  • Equifax UK data breach bigger than initially thought… nearly 700,000 UK citizens affected

    Equifax has revealed that 15.2 million UK records were stolen in its recent data breach rather than the 400,000 initially claimed.

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  • Yahoo breach hits 3 billion accounts

    In September 2016 Yahoo disclosed a breach of 500 million accounts. Three months later it said a further 1 billion accounts had also been breached in a separate hack. ​ Days ago the company, now owned by Verizon, said a mammoth three billion account details were stolen in its massive 2013 data breach.

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  • User data protection feature request

    This feature will protect the user personal data from being accessed, modified or deleted by malwares...

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  • BullGuard quarantines explorer.exe?

    NorthPole Advanced member Date Joined Aug 2016 Total Posts: 134 I was rather taken aback earlier this morning when a BullGuard pop-up message reported that explorer.exe...

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  • SWTOR Problem

    Had this issue with SWTOR,if Parent controls are active Bullguard blocks the game..I have been in contact with support and recently emailsent to me with the following...

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