Failed install "Miniport something not designed for XP". Constant crashes

Posted 9/30/2009 10:15 AM
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mdtreloar01 Member

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Just bought Bullguard Internet Security 8.0 looking to install and then upgrade. I have Windows XP SP2. Halfway through installation I got a pop-up box saying that I should only install software that was designed for XP and that the "Miniport" software I was trying to install was not (not according to the box). Thinking the system didn't know what it was talking about i proceeded to click "Continue Installation" only to have the whole system crash. Subsequent attempts to boot get me as far as the desktop at which point the whole thing crashes again. I'm about to try to get it to start up in safe mode and try to undo the damage but in case I can't I would really like some tech support on this. Why does the software box proclaim windows XP and yet give this error message on install? How do I fix it?

Please let me know what further details you need to troubleshoot this.

Posted 9/30/2009 10:20 AM
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mdtreloar01 Member

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found similar entries on forum with no answer.
Posted 9/30/2009 10:29 AM
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mdtreloar01 Member

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attempted install on parent's computer. after clicking on STOP, Dont Proceed when the error message came up, it aborted it's attempt to install the firewall and completed the rest of the install without problem, generating a logfile called BGInstallAssist.txt (C&P below)

2009/09/30 19:54:54 Beginning BdFileSpy installation
2009/09/30 19:54:54 -----------------------------------------
2009/09/30 19:54:54 Windows 5.1 (2*x86)
2009/09/30 19:54:54 'FSFilter Anti-Virus' order successfully purified
2009/09/30 19:54:54 installing BdFileSpy...
2009/09/30 19:54:54 disable WOW64 file system redirection
2009/09/30 19:54:54 src: C:\Program Files\BullGuard Ltd\BullGuard\BdFileSpy\WinXp+\x86\BdFileSpy.sys
2009/09/30 19:54:54 dst: C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\BdFileSpy.sys
2009/09/30 19:54:54 copy commencing...
2009/09/30 19:54:54 restore WOW64 file system redirection
2009/09/30 19:54:54 successfully created C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\BdFileSpy.sys
2009/09/30 19:54:54 1 @ FSFilter Anti-Virus order successfully set
2009/09/30 19:54:54 ok!
2009/09/30 19:54:54 exit

2009/09/30 19:54:56 FW cleanup
2009/09/30 19:54:56 -----------------------------------------
2009/09/30 19:54:56 no .inf garbage
2009/09/30 19:54:56 disable WOW64 file system redirection
2009/09/30 19:54:56 delete C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\afw.sys: 0x2
2009/09/30 19:54:56 restore WOW64 file system redirection
2009/09/30 19:54:56 exit

2009/09/30 19:54:57 AFW install
2009/09/30 19:54:57 -----------------------------------------
2009/09/30 19:54:57 src inf = C:\Program Files\BullGuard Ltd\BullGuard\fwengine\afw\afw.inf
2009/09/30 19:55:05 dst inf = C:\WINDOWS\INF\oem26.inf
2009/09/30 19:55:05 src inf = C:\Program Files\BullGuard Ltd\BullGuard\fwengine\afw\afwmp.inf
2009/09/30 19:56:25 error: SetupCopyOEMInf, 0x800B0110
2009/09/30 19:56:25 exit
Posted 9/30/2009 10:59 AM
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mdtreloar01 Member

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Managed to get system up again by hitting F* on boot up and selecting last known settings that worked.
The error message that flashed up for a micorsecond before each reboot says something about aswTdi.sys (located system32\drivers\)

correction to my first post- I have SP3 (2600.xpsp_sp3_gdr.090206-1234:System Pack 3)

Given an identical problem was known about in 2007 hopefully there is a fix.

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