DLNA blocked, can't get it working without disabling Firewall

Posted 10/20/2012 2:19 PM
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DeathMagnetic Member

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I'm trying to access my videos via DLNA so I can watch stuff on my PS3 and phone, but BullGuard's Firewall seems to be getting in the way.

The following is a dump of the Firewall log lines pertaining to a connecting attempt from my phone:

15:05:15.999 IN CONNECT TCP - 60567 - 2869 - - - "Global Application Inquiry Rule" 0x3FFFFF0E - - -
15:05:15.999 IN DISCONNECT TCP - 60567 - 2869 - - - - - - - -
15:05:38.598 IN ASK TCP - 44447 - 10243 - - - "Global Icoming Inquiry Rule" 0x3FFFFF01 04:46:65:99:BF:28 10:BF:48:9F:70:F9 S
15:05:38.645 - ALLOW-REMEMBER - - - - - - - - - - "Auto allow SYSTEM" 0x7FFFFFF0 - - -
15:05:41.998 IN ASK TCP - 51203 - 10243 - - - "Global Icoming Inquiry Rule" 0x3FFFFF01 04:46:65:99:BF:28 10:BF:48:9F:70:F9 S
15:05:42.085 - ALLOW-REMEMBER - - - - - - - - - - "Auto allow SYSTEM" 0x7FFFFFF0 - - -
15:06:30.098 IN ASK TCP - 51203 - 10243 - - - "Global Icoming Inquiry Rule" 0x3FFFFF01 04:46:65:99:BF:28 10:BF:48:9F:70:F9 S
15:06:30.165 - ALLOW-REMEMBER - - - - - - - - - - "Auto allow SYSTEM" 0x7FFFFFF0 - - -

It's telling me the connection has been allowed but I'm not getting anything but a loading screen on my phone (as it is still waiting for the video to be sent). The PS3 is the same, but displays an error once it times out.

I've tried to add my home network to the trusted networks list but this isn't helping either (it was already there but I added again along with another for just to be doubly sure).

I'm at my wits end, there are barely any settings I can change so i have no idea how I can debug this any further, my only option so far has been to disable the firewall and fall back to Windows Firewall (which I have never had a problem with).

Can anyone help figure out what's going on or at the very least change the firewall from ask>allow-remember to just allow?
Posted 10/21/2012 3:19 AM
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Robert Mateescu Advanced member

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Hi typhoon_2099,

Please follow these steps to provide us with your Firewall logs and rules for analysis (send them via email to support@bullguard.com):

- Go to Start > Run.
- Type: cmd
- Press the [Enter] key from your keyboard. This will open a command prompt window.
- Type: ipconfig /all
- Press [Enter] again.
- After the Windows IP Configuration is displayed, right click the command prompt window and choose "Select All".
- Press [Enter] and close the window.
- Create a new e-mail and place the mouse cursor in that new window.
- Press the Ctrl+V keys from your keyboard - this will paste the Windows IP Configuration into your email.
- Repeat the above steps but this time enter arp -a instead of the ipconfig command.

- Open BullGuard by double clicking its icon from the lower right corner of your screen, next to the Windows clock.
- Go to the Control Panel(v12) or Dashboard(v13) tab from the top of BullGuard's window and click on the Firewall button from the "PC Protection" section.
- Click on the "Firewall logs" button from the "Network activity" section.
- Right click inside the window, then select the option "Dump internal rules".
- This will create a new log on your desktop called "BgFwRules".
- Attach this log to the e-mail that contains the Windows IP configuration.

- Right click again inside the Logs window and select the option "Explore logs folder".
- Locate the log created for today, in the window that appears.
- Copy the log to your desktop.
- Attach the log to the e-mail as well then submit the results to us for examination.

As an advice, if you are using any older version of BullGuard, it would be wise to first upgrade it to 13, as the latest version will be pushed via an auto-upgrade in the following months, and the changes may be lost during version upgrade.

Robert Mateescu
Senior Support Technician EN

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