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Posted 11/21/2017 5:20 PM
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abyskaria Member

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I am new user who has recently bought 3 year Bullguard premium security. But now I am dissappinted. Before you take review of my feedbacks, I want to know if I will be given an opportunity to test your new future security very soon in 2017. I have tried all my experience with lots of security products and love to participate with your support.

Let us make Bullguard features more like a gift for all users. Here is a list of feedbacks that needs to be immediately updated.

Firstly search options along with the last date modified must be mentioned in manage firewall options. Like everywhere there must be an exclusion window that filters files, folders or specific windows settings application during the behavior analysis of the blocked or specifically allowed list. A separate safe mode action must be tolerated in exclusion settings.

When application is updated there must be a pop up window that alerts whether what all additional features must be maintained for system safety. It must be a quick easy tool for system restore point to wake up issues that can be overrun to undo changes. There will be no change affected while working with the status of the previous way I used the application before its early installation. Even the registry keys must be seriously maintained without fault so that I have an uninstaller that quickly know how much each application is good for my personal use.

Under the vulnerability settings I want the early windows update to run very tolerant in the background so that I can do everything so safely hidden from the stolen identity deadlock I will intercept while updating windows system in the normal way. The way each software will be auto-updated must be quick and specific in the way I want maintaining and overrunning how it totally affect my system protection.

Antivirus must have "ask" option each time that helps me to run in sandboxie certain application without having any risk for my system. I meant by sandboxie a virtual environment that evaluates with my cloud credits helping me solve some help I need with those softwares I am using.

I noticed we can run scan and live update at the same time. I dont understand how this will generate the best result while there must be some logic with this sense ?

No way I know what is the level of activity undertaken by each application and how much resources that it uses regarding network, ram and cpu cycles. If the optimizer dont have ram saving efficiency and lower down the safe mode without risking the total cpu cycles there is no meaning having the optimizer as it should switch between concurrent threads synchronously so that even if my physical ram is not working efficiently, I have a virtual memory that saves for more speed and execution.

I notice that Bullguard is consuming more memory and unrelated crashes are occurring. There is not catcha keyword associated when I want to exit so that it is not an external process than genuine human response that caused this action. I dont have a site monitor that alerts me that everything is ok while I am online. I dont have a drag and drop window that scans everything within seconds. I dont have a simple menu that can be locked with password each time someone who directly tries to unlock something doesnt give way for alteration. May be the best safety is a sign lock.

I like vpn to be added in bullguard premuim protection in future.  There must be troubleshooting mechanism for everything that can happen perfectly for my system within a single click. Sometime my security may be my identity so I want bullguard to be associated with windows login and merge such instance so that one day I can login anywhere and revoke my external left credentials roll back by using a simple map I can uncheck where I will be using the identity restoration response. So that once I installed my main system somewhere I can be sure I didnt lose my serial keys unless the time has come when the secret solutions I like bullguard to offer never comes at a risk of individual stolen identity crisis. This means my windows is happening in cloud for everything I can pay for use as per events I use online collections as daily story telling features.

Why no hips ? Is there any intrusion failure implication so strong lying deep inside bullguard collection without a honeypot for the intruder. How much counts is valid for each intrusion identified ? What are the process monitor that count for safety in each outbound connection ? Will my message that I deliver will reach only the next bullguard family I am associated so that no one can intercept this reward I have communicated so important for my network validity ? Can bullguard tell me actually there is a good time I will be safe protected with all vulnerabilities so that I can have three way of using bullguard ? A prime feature that is timely measurable so that I am active like a network manager for my home network settings. Another native user so that I will be able to communicate with everyone without time barrier, I mean the count down of safety can be altered knowing the real presence of each user. Lastly when there is a new response how will this be delivered like a common scenario that always happens online. I know I have went so far to tell you that you need to act. May be tomorrow with cloud as a mentor I will not fail in this response so sure that the change has already started. Then I dont need to install anything. Go to my browser and validate my identical human response and get connected to surf within time limits.

Lots of updation need to be done in the firewall managed rules. I must be able to monitor what hides every intrusion like a teardrop attack at port 445. There must be very specific tolerance for zero day attack. My firewall must always scan system and update me whether new installation might ask for network connectivity even when I am offline so that I can consider this option so advisable. There must be a feature to block any application from running through firewall behaviour analysis. More than one firewall rules can happen for the same application and there must be a provision for the same. A feature that blocks and terminate process status even through reverse attack can be a best feature. Sometimes an intruder must be silent and run through unpatched system verifications and all this must be blocked. A feature to allow custom rules more specific to incomming and outgoing connection must be a good feature.

Let me know if I need more care in each response. If you like my suggestion let me know if I need to clarify anything.

May the will of a simple suggestion be your ultimate help serving us with more safety online.

Please give me a beta developmental product at the earliest. I am waiting.

Thanks & Regards

Aby Skaria
Posted 11/27/2017 5:37 PM
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Andreea-Luciana Ostache Advanced member

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Dear Aby,

I have passed on the valuable feedback you have provided to our Product Management for consideration. You will probably receive a reply by e-mail and not here.
Andreea-Luciana Ostache
Support Team Leader

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