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My gaming experience was worse with this

Posted 1/16/2009 7:57 PM
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smartbrotha Member

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I recently bought a copy of Bullguard Gamer's Edition because it seemed to be the perfect thing I needed for my Dell XPS m1530 laptop with Windows Vista Home Premium 32bit that I use for gaming often. I normally don't use a security suite on my system because I do not like how much they bog my system down. I like my system to run as fast as possible, but with the recent events that caused a lot of WoW accounts to be compromised (including a good friend of mine), I decided to #1 never use Internet Explorer again and #2 get a Security Suite for some defense.

I probably should of just tried the trial of the software instead of out right buying it, but I figured that since this software was geared for gamers that it was designed to be as easy as possible on the system. Everything seemed to go ok on the system after the initial install, but after a while I noticed that my overall system performance degraded dramatically. It was taking a long time for my computer to boot to full. With readyboost enabled, my boot time was about 30 seconds, after the Bullguard install it was about 3 minutes. I figured that maybe my hard drive needed a defrag because i have a library of 35 Steam games installed and they can suffer from fragmentation easily. My defrag took over 10 hours when it normally took only 1 as the most. I started to believe that my hard drive was faulty so I ran a diagnostics from the dell bios, after and hour, everything passed.

I decided to bite the bullet and do a full format and reinstall of windows which is no big deal because I back up often and normally do this anyway about every 6 months to a year. So I install Windows Vista again, install Bullguard next and started to do updates and installed Windows Mobile Device Center for my Palm Treo 700wx. Well, this was an issue on it's on, my phone just kept showing waiting for network and would not sync my contacts and calendars for the life of me. I browsed these forums to find out that another customer was having this issue and never figured out a workaround. I had enough of this and uninstalled Bullguard and rebooted. Man, my system returned to normal exactly how I was used to it performing.

I will have to say that I was fairly disappointed in this product, but I haven't given up on it because it actually works well when I actually play a game, but loading a game or any of my other software is really not worth it when the default vista firewall only ask you once if you want to let your software connect to the internet. I also understand this product is fairly new and it's going to take a while to hammer out all the issues with other software so I will hold on to my copy and give her another shot in a few months.
Posted 1/20/2009 10:28 AM
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Tavi Advanced member

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You should know that certain slowdowns are inevitable, since BullGuard has an active scanner and processes. You can tweak your BullGuard Gamers edition as you wish, since you are mostly interested in the Gaming module. One setting that should help is disable the BullGuard Firewall driver from the Network connection LAN properties.

Also, please note that you cannot freeze the subscription. If you do not use it now, it will expire.

If you want more details on how to set your BullGuard Gaming application, please contact us here, via email support at bullguard dot com or Live Chat from the BullGuard application.

Octavian Arvunescu
Senior Support Technician

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Try BullGuard here
Posted 1/22/2009 9:18 AM
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smartbrotha Member

Date Joined Nov 2016
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Thanks for the reply. I understand about the subcription. I'll take your advice and try to get some tweaking going with support.
Posted 8/7/2010 2:55 AM
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Wolvey Valued member

Date Joined Nov 2016
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Hi there smartbrotha.

I had many Anti-Virus products in the past, including mcaffe, stopzilla, norton, avg, and none of them even compare to bullguard.
Yes if im online gaming and i get a strange MS spike its proberbly due to Bullguard updating. and yeah i could probs do it manually, but then id probs forget and it would be out-dated.

Im not sure why Bullguard made such a difference in your computers performance???

If your willing to give bullguard another go i can recommend a little script that most 'hardcore' mmo gamers use, including myself, its called 'leatrix latency' basically its a very small script for windows, You see the information that comes and goes over the internet is put into 'packets' (Which makes it more stable) all leatrix latency does is change it so that windows sends the packets of information straight away. hence lower MS while gaming, my MS went from around 400 down to about 40ms. you can install the script and un-install it whenever you like. have a read of it here-

Im also one that uses steam, but i dont have the 15games installed like you do lol, might that be part of the problem for slowing down your system.
Im saying this because Bullguard has made no change to my system at all. my Alienware m17x (r2) runs just as fast with bullguard as it would without.

Have you tried running a 'windows experience index' with and without bullguard, if the numbers dont change then it may not be your system?

Ps- Bullguard, im glad i finally found an Anti-V that does what it says on the tin, and the customer support is the best ive experienced in the last 5 years of been hardcore gamer.
Great job and keep up the good work!!!!
Posted 9/2/2010 9:07 AM
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jesso2000 Member

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Hi There Wolvey,

Thx for the kudos, and thanks for the tip regarding gaming latency.
Keep up the great posting.

Jens Sørensen
Product Manager, BullGuard
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