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RE:Premature spamming renewal pop-ups on every login and boot-up

Hey Star, Happy new year and welcome to our forum! I am sorry to hear of your negative experience! I will...

BullGuard Trial users

Andreea-Luciana Ostache
1/6/2022 12:31 PM

RE:Bullguard blocking CORS preflight requests

Hello Stefan, Happy new year! It would be great if the users could contact our support department, so we ...

BullGuard Customers

Andreea-Luciana Ostache
1/5/2022 16:38 PM

RE:Bullguard Internet Security V20 - Spam FIlter?

There is no available backwards version, neither is it advisable to do so anyway. There are a plethora of ...

BullGuard Customers

Andreea-Luciana Ostache
12/6/2021 11:58 AM

RE:Is the Bullguard Brand Going Away?

At the moment, the brands will not change. There have been no changes announced to the BullGuard product p...

BullGuard Customers

Andreea-Luciana Ostache
11/16/2021 09:10 AM

RE:Bullguard Firewall

Hey and welcome to our forum. Could you share the link of the page you read about this? It@s incorrect. B...

BullGuard Trial users

Andreea-Luciana Ostache
10/27/2021 10:59 AM