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Check for updates

Update BullGuard either automatically as configured in the Main System Status section or manually

BullGuard is set by default to update automatically at least once every 2 hours increasing your overall computer security.

BullGuard can be updated either automatically as configured in the Main System Status section or manually. By default, the automatic updates are configured to run silently in the background every 2 hours without disrupting your work on the computer.

To manually update BullGuard click on the Check for updates button in Main section which will start the update process.

Manually update BullGuard

Step 1.

BullGuard goes through a few stages when a manual update is in progress. After clicking on the Check for updatesbutton, BullGuard will connect to the BullGuard servers and check for any available application updates.

Application updates will consist off bug fixes, module improvement or fine-tuning patches.

Step 2.

If updates are available, BullGuard will display all items in the update window. Click on Update to implement the new updates and Cancel to abort the entire process.

Step 3.

The next step will implement all the available updates. In some cases, BullGuard will be restarted in order for changes to take effect immediately. This might cause the computer to respond slowly for a few seconds.

Step 4.

At this stage, BullGuard will notify you whether or not the updates were implemented successfully. For important application updates, you may need to restart the computer for the changes to have any effect. After the update process is finished, the "last updated" timer from the Main section will be reset to 0.