BullGuard Help

Retrieve your data

Retrieving backed up information

The 'Retrieve your data' feature allows users to retrieve the information they have backed up and copy it to its original location or to any other place on their computer and it works for both files and e-mails.

To retrieve the information, users will need to go through a Retrieve Guide that allows them to choose the information type, the location and the place where they want the files or e-mails restored to. The guide is easily started by clicking on the Retrieve your data button from the Backup main section.

The Retrive Guide: Allows users to retrieve any backed up files to their computer from the Online Drive, CD/DVDs or from local or network paths. The Guide is simple and easy to use and the retrieval time only depends on the amount of data to retrieve and on network conditions (for files backed up online).

File Restore Guide

Step 1

Once you click on the 'Retrieve your data' button, you will be shown a welcome screen. Click Next to choose what kind of information you wish to retrieve. Select Files and click the Next button to proceed.

Step 2

On the following screen, you need to select the location where the files have been previously backed up – Online drive, on a CD/DVD or on a local/network computer or drive. Click Next after selecting the correct location.

Step 3

For files/e-mails backed up on the Online Drive you will need to choose the backup profile from which you would like to restore the files and then select the files to restore from that profile. Click Next to proceed.

If you selected a local/network computer or driver, you will need to browse to the location of the backup and select folders or files to be restored.

Step 4

In the next screen, you will need to select a location where to place the retrieved files. For retrieving e-mails, you will need to select the e-mail client and Identity you want the e-mails retrieved to. Click on the Start button to have BullGuard retrieve your files.

Step 5

Please do not interrupt the retrieval process until it completes successfully. Click Close to exit the Retrieve Guide.