BullGuard Mobile Security


Step by step guide on how to installBullGuard Mobile Security.

Installing BullGuard is simple and only takes a few moments. However, you should note that the Mobile Security needs a working Internet connection and will run on Android 2.0 or higher. As soon as the file is downloaded and the Download history page is open on your phone, run the file to start the BullGuard installer.


Step 1

Click on the Install button to start the process or on Cancel to run it again later.

When installing any kind of application, the Android operating system is designed to show you a list with the resources and actions that the application currently being installed can perform or has access too. Click on Install to continue.

Step 2

The next screen shows the install process progress. Please make sure you don’t cancel it or turn off the phone during the installation to avoid additional issues when trying to reinstall the application.

Step 3

The install process should complete in a few moments after starting it and, once finished, you can start the Mobile Security application. To run the program click on Open or choose Done to start it at a later time.

If this is the first time you install BullGuard Mobile Security, you will be asked to register an account by using the licence key you bought in the shop. Click Open to register and start using the application.

Proceed to the account Registration guide.