BullGuard Mobile Security

Parental Control

The Parental Control module

The Parental Control plug-in works in conjunction with a web-based account management console where you can set up and monitor specific actions on the mobile device. Its main purpose is to prevent children from being exposed to inappropriate communication, websites, pornography and vulgar or indecent online content. With the help of the BullGuard Mobile Security Manager, parents or tutors can create filters and customize rules and actions to prevent such exposure.

The Parental Control module incorporated in the BullGuard Mobile Security suite will display the service’s status and the monitored items while the plug-in’s control panel is located on the web-based dashboard away from unauthorized access.

E-mail: shows whether BullGuard is monitoring e-mails.

SMS: shows the status of the SMS filter that will report sent or received messages to the Dashboard.

Voice: shows whether the module will register calls to and from the device.

Block Calling: shows whether the device is configured to block calls.

Picture: shows whether BullGuard is monitoring sent or received pictures.

Browser: shows whether the device will report images accessed through the web browser.

Log File Size: shows the maximum size for the Parental Control log file.
Event Count: shows the maximum number of events that will make BullGuard upload the reports to the Dashboard.

GPS Update Period: shows whether the GPS locator feature is enabled and its position update time frame.