Reseller Lounge

Reseller Lounge

Every time your customers renew their licenses on our website, your share of what they pay immediately shows up in your account. It’s that easy. And when you want to get your hands on all the lovely money you’ve earned, claiming it is just a few simple steps away.

You can start using the Reseller Lounge as soon as you’ve purchased 10 BullGuard licenses. You will be sent your login details and can access the Reseller Lounge at

As well as checking your Revenue Share through the online Revenue Tracker the Reseller Lounge is also where you keep track of your licenses sold and activations, it’s got everything you need to manage your sales of BullGuard products.

Reseller Lounge allows you to manage everything:

  • Track your orders and activated licenses
  • Online Revenue Tracker shows how much additional income you’re generating through license renewals
  • Claim your Revenue Share
  • Contact your local account manager
  • Order FREE marketing materials and manage your POS online
  • Track BullGuard’s current channel promotions and activities