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BullGuard unveils industry-leading Mobile Security app

Smart protection for Android phones and tablets


  • Antivirus ensures 24/7 protection against the rising tide of malware aimed at Android devices
  • Antitheft protects against loss and theft with remote lock, wipe and locate features
  • Simple one-tap up to 100GB mobile data backup to protect important information
  • Remote control of devices with Mobile Security Manager
  • Powerful parental controls allow discreet monitoring of a child’s device
  • Call Manager blocks unwanted calls, spam numbers and messages


London, 21st May 2014: Global antivirus and mobile security company BullGuard has today announced the release of the all-new BullGuard Mobile Security & Antivirus app for Android devices.


This cutting-edge app delivers next generation security to protect users against a wide range of threats and offers industry-leading defence to safeguard against the damage than can arise from loss or theft.


BullGuard Mobile Security offers an array of powerful tools unmatched by competitors. It’s easy-to-use, provides intuitive operation and doesn’t drain batteries. It delivers comprehensive protection and ensures that important data is kept safe from prying eyes.


The app also includes BullGuard Mobile Security Manager, a web-based platform that provides remote access to devices, and answers the problems of safeguarding data faced by today’s mobile users.


KEY FEATURES of the all new BullGuard Mobile Security & Antivirus app:

  • Antivirus

Antivirus protects against malware, adware and trackware to keep a phone safe and nuisance-free. It features an ultra-fast cloud-based AV engine that has minimal impact on battery power and ensures that the very latest virus signatures and definitions are utilised to scan a device without requiring regular updates or user intervention. An automatic scan checks apps as soon as they are installed and immediately notifies users if malicious or suspicious code has been detected. A manual full scan can also be carried out providing a complete summary of current phone status. Remote monitoring of virus events is also available through the web-based BullGuard Mobile Security Manager.

  • Antitheft and Remote Control (lock, wipe, locate, alarm)

Comprehensive Antitheft tools offer robust protection if a device is lost or stolen. Features include remote lock and unlock of a device, GPS locate, remote data wipe, and a Scream function to help locate a device in the immediate area. If someone tries to change the SIM card the device automatically locks or wipes data. All of these features are accessible via the Mobile Security Manager on any internet enabled device.

  • Mobile Backup with one tap

BullGuard Mobile Security also includes a backup module to safeguard important data. One-tap backup safeguards key data such as contacts, calendar and SMS information. This backup feature provides a secure online drive with capacities of up to 100GB. Users can also easily transfer data between a mobile device and computer ensuring swift and trouble-free access to backup content on the move.

  • Remote control of devices with Mobile Security Manager

BullGuard Mobile Security Manager is a web-based interface that allows users to view information and reports on various aspects of the software from any internet enabled device, as well as control many of the features remotely. It offers device monitoring for messages, voice calls and installed apps, and can show antivirus activity and the data backed up from your mobile device. It also offers control over antitheft commands, including remotely locking, wiping and locating a device, or activating a scream command to locate it in the immediate area.

  • Parental Control and monitoring

A powerful Parental Control module helps safeguard children. Parents can discretely monitor SMS messages, calls and pictures, and view applications that are installed on a child’s device. They can also activate GPS tracking to locate a device. Remote management of these features provides parents with discreet real-time, flexible monitoring and control.

  • Spam blocker

A Call Manager tool can be used to automatically block numbers from call history, contacts lists or manual entries via a blacklist. A short code block option also halts spam messages typically sent from numbers that contain five digits or less, with a whitelist available to allow certain numbers as users see fit.


Everything you need from a Mobile Security app



“BullGuard Mobile Security is an industry-leading product developed from detailed research into people’s smartphone security needs. As such, it provides comprehensive and unbeatable protection for mobile users,” said Alex Balan, Head of Product Management at BullGuard.


“It provides users, including parents with young children, with all the protection they need. It’s easy to use, works quietly but effectively in the background and importantly has minimal impact on system resources and battery life.”


BullGuard Mobile Security is available as a 15-day trial for three devices. The full Premium suite consists of a one year subscription for up to 5 devices, including up to 100GB of storage on the backup drive. It’s available as a free download from the Google Play Store from May 2014.




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About BullGuard:


Launched in 2002, BullGuard is one of the fastest growing antivirus and mobile security brands. Today, its product portfolio also includes award-winning antivirus, premium 24/7 protection, web-based identity and social media protection that works across all devices, as well as PC and mobile backup software solutions. BullGuard’s philosophy has always remained the same - to combine technical excellence with a genuine understanding of consumer needs, creating simple, easy-to-use products that deliver complete protection, and to enable customers to control and manage their digital footprint.


For two consecutive years (2012 and 2013), BullGuard Internet Security has won a coveted “Best Buy” award from Which?



Exclusive sub-licensing rights offer BullGuard’s Partners access to cutting-edge behavioural protection for use within their own Internet Security suites
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