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BullGuard Game Booster tops the gaming charts

Tech for Techs awards BullGuard a ‘Gamers Choice’ award for its game boosting performance and malware protection

London, 30thth October, 2018: BullGuard Internet Security’s Game Booster feature has scooped a ‘Gamers Choice’ award from Tech for Techs.
Tech for Techs carried out seven gaming tests on BullGuard Internet Security and awarded the accolade following the high performance of Game Booster.

The review of BullGuard Internet Security highlighted the following:
  • Game Booster recognises when a game is active and other apps are also running. As a result it automatically isolates all other apps (which are not games) on one or two CPU cores. This means other CPU cores are dedicated to the gaming app which removes random spikes during the gaming session.
  • Game booster works on all games that run on full screen and are graphics intensive. Resource hungry games, which are the majority of games, automatically trigger the activation of the Game Booster feature.
  • Game booster increased gaming performance by around 5% on average. “When game booster is turned on you get bonus ‘magic’ performance,” said Tech for Techs.
  • When measured against other security programmes, BullGuard’s gaming performance was approximately 8% better.
Tech for Techs concluded that: “BullGuard is a very good security program. It is not a resource hog like some others on the market. It's worth every penny… is easy to use and has plenty of extras you don’t have to pay for. Game mode/booster is a good feature… you get more performance into a game and security is extremely strong.”
The Tech for Techs award follows an independent test of Game Booster by Chillblast, a bespoke gaming rig builder. Chillblast assessed six different security products, and discovered that BullGuard delivered the fastest frame-per-second (FPS) rate. It also performed better than a computer that had no antivirus running on it.
Chillblast concluded: “Those who want the best possible [gaming] performance from their PC would be best served by choosing BullGuard, based on the results of our testing.”
Tech for Techs is an online testing site for all types of technologies. Aimed at resellers it provides detailed insight into new products, their performance, durability and price. As such it is highly regarded within the reseller community.

About BullGuard
BullGuard is a market leader in consumer cybersecurity. We make it simple to protect everything in your digital life – from your data, to your identity and your smart home. The BullGuard product portfolio extends to PCs, Macs, and Android tablet and smartphone protection, and includes internet security, comprehensive mobile security and 24/7 identity protection. BullGuard released the world’s first IoT vulnerability scanner and leads the consumer cybersecurity industry in providing continuous innovation.
Dojo by BullGuard is an award-winning intelligent cyber defense system and service that provides the highest level of protection to consumers across all of their connected devices and smart homes. Dojo is the cornerstone of a smart home, ensuring a connected world where every consumer in every home, is smart, safe and protected.
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