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Reclaim Online Family Privacy this Data Privacy Day

LONDON JANUARY 25, 2021 — The 28th of January, Data Privacy Day, is a landmark and important day in the Internet calendar. Endorsed at a global level, a wide range of organisations, including the United States Senate, the UK Information Commissioner and the Council of Europe, promote the pressing need for data privacy and protection. In support of this invaluable mission, consumer cybersecurity champion, BullGuard, has set out a number of top but simple tips to help people protect their families and devices online.

Nat Maple, Chief Marketing Officer at BullGuard said: “The importance of Data Privacy Day can’t be overstated. Apps, websites and online services hoover up personal data but people feel as though there is little they can do about it. If you want to use or sign up for a service or app you have to accept the privacy terms which typically means you are handing over your private data. Added to this is the danger that your data can be hacked and exploited by cybercriminals for financial or identity fraud. We want people to know that you can reclaim data privacy and protect your family with a few simple steps.”

Utilise a VPN
A VPN (virtual private network) keeps you anonymous online by hiding your IP address, enabling you to access the internet anonymously. This means when you visit a website for instance or use an app on your phone, you can’t be individually tracked. Your data is visible but meaningless because it can’t be attributed to you. Because a VPN encrypts your data, routes your connection through secure remote servers and masks your IP address, it creates a shield that is hard to see, tough to crack and nearly impossible to track.
Implement two-factor authentication
This is a sign-in method that requires two or more pieces of evidence of your identity to enable login. The first piece is usually an email and password that you use when you sign into a service and the second is a number or passcode that is sent to your phone. You can’t access the service until you enter this number or passcode. If your email address or password is compromised in a hack, they are useless to cybercriminals because without the two-factor authentication code the online services and e-commerce platforms you use can't be accessed. 
Use a Password Manager
A password manager creates strong passwords for the entire family. Every time you visit a site, it will either auto-fill your existing password or, if it's a new site, create a strong password for you. Password managers can also scan your current passwords for weaknesses and recommend stronger versions.
Install good Security Software
Every device in the home should be running good Security Software whether it’s a smartphone, tablet or PC. This protects against malware such as spyware and keystroke loggers which are designed to secretly steal your personal data such as passwords and payment card numbers.
Check social privacy settings
Social networks have a lot of information about you so it’s important to ensure you are using appropriate privacy settings so that strangers can’t see your personal information. It’s also important to ensure that your private information isn’t being shared publicly, such as your phone number and your physical address.
Check app permissions
Mobile apps prompt you to give them permission to access your private data such as your contacts or files and to use the camera, microphone, geolocation and so on. Some cannot work without these permissions, but some use this information to create profiles of you which can be sold on to unknown third parties. Always check app permissions to see what data you are expected to hand over and only grant permissions that the app actually requires to function in the way you plan to use the app.
Be alert when using Public Wi-Fi
Public Wi-Fi networks usually do not encrypt traffic which means that anyone on the same network can snoop on your traffic and gather logins, passwords and payment card data. If possible, avoid using public Wi-Fi for online shopping or accessing bank accounts and email. If you do want to connect to public hotspots use a VPN which encrypts your data, keeping it safe from prying eyes.
Don’t click on links from unknown sources
Be vigilant about email scams and phishing attacks. Phishing emails are extremely common and try to entice the recipient into clicking on a link or opening an attachment. This can lead to malware being secretly downloaded onto your devices. The best way to avoid falling victim is to simply not click on or open an attachment that is not from a reliable source. Always check the sending email address and not just the name displayed.
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