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BullGuard Identity Protection is simple and is an effective way to protect yourself from identity theft, to keep
your personal and financial information safe, whatever devices you use to access the Internet.
  • Personal and financial online data protection
  • Flexible payments
  • 24/7 web monitoring and preventative alerts
  • Easy access from any device
Identity Protection is only available for United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Denmark, Ireland, Germany,
Austria, Finland, Italy, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Turkey, Netherlands and Switzerland residents.

Here’s what is new in
BullGuard Identity Protection 2021:


Ultimate Identity Protection

Keep all your important personal information from data thieves and cyber criminals.  Protect information such as email addresses, telephone numbers, credit and debit cards, bank account details, driving license and passport details. If the identity protection system detects your data you receive an email alert warning you allowing you to take the necessary protective steps. It beats back the identity thieves.

Cloud-based service works on any device

Access your account online from any device, any location and anytime. BullGuard Identity Protection is a web-based service so you don’t need to install anything on your computer. This means you have you fast and easy access to Identity Protection from any internet-connected device, regardless of platform: PC, Mac, iPhone and iPad and other types of smartphones and tablets.

Flexible payments

You can pay annually or monthly, whatever suits you. We’ve bundled this advanced technology and ease of use with affordability. You can now benefit from effective online identity protection for your entire family, according to your needs and budget – opt for a monthly subscription or save more on a yearly one!

Expert support

Free support whenever you need it. We’ll help you with any problem you may have, via Live chat or e-mail. You can also choose online remote access support, if it makes thing easier for you.

Frequently asked questions

Identity theft is a growing phenomenon. It has always been around but in the digital age it’s much easier to carry out because so much information is online. It’s prolific in the US and has become increasingly common in Europe, especially in the UK.

ID theft is usually the result of companies and organisations that fail to secure the data they hold:
• Vulnerable IT infrastructure allows attackers to enter servers and simply copy entire databases
• Disgruntled employees can leak information on the web that might enable an attacker to gain access to a business’ servers and copy private user information
• Companies fail to take appropriate measures to securely store their data on their servers for instance when private user info is not encrypted

The dark web is the part of the internet which can’t be accessed via normal browsers. It is ‘anonymous’ in that users can’t be traced. It’s also where you find ‘anonymous’ web sites that offer stolen card details and banks accounts for sale. For instance, some web sites offer hacked bank accounts for sale, stipulating how much is in the account and instructions on how to get the money out. The victim usually has no idea their bank account has been hacked. That said, stolen bank accounts tend to be from online services which are easier to hack than other accounts. The dark web is also typically the first place hackers go to when they have hacked stolen card details to offer them for sale.

You simply contact our 24/7 support team. This is a free service and expert staff will help answer your questions.

Identity theft is the theft of someone’s personal information such as passport number, usernames, emails, phone numbers, driver’s licence details and banking details. It can be stolen directly or bought from identity thieves. Identity information is stolen or fraudulently acquired to impersonate the victim for various purposes:
• Applying for financial services such as loans and credit cards or other web-based services. This is known as financial fraud. Fraudulent loan applications are very common
• Gain access to the victim’s bank account or other online services such as email, entertainment services and so on
• Evade legal prosecution or other consequences by providing false identities. For instance, a false identity might be used to avoid being put on the Sexual Offenders list

When you set up an account, you enter the details you want to protect. This could be debit card and bank account numbers, passport details, email addresses and passwords. In short, its anything you hold valuable. BullGuard Identity Protection then monitors the web 24/7 for these details. Should they appear on the dark net, social media platforms, online forums or other online sites, you are notified immediately with advice on what steps you need to take.

It’s very simple. You have access to a portal which is secured with a password known only to you. You simply enter the details you want to protect and your contact details and that’s it. BullGuard Identity Protection then scours the internet, including the dark web, 24/7. When your details are first added a preliminary check is carried on the categorized information. If a match is found a warning is displayed in the BullGuard Identity Protection interface. In the 24/7 searches if your details are discovered you will receive an email or text message informing you.