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Mobile Security & Malware Protection RT @BullGuard [Infographic] Mobile Malware & What You Need To Know Mobile Security & Malware Protection - Malware, cybercriminals, hackers – these are just some of the internet threats your mobile phone is exposed to. Beware and stay informed! Infographic

Did you know Smartphones are the most popular new target for threats such as malware and data theft? Our illustrators have been busy coming up with this snazzy infographic – loads of interesting info in there and some stats that might surprise you!

Android seems to have attracted the most attention from malicious code writers due to its popularity, but all platforms are potentially at risk. You’ll find info on what could potentially happen if a phone is infected, what’s happened so far, how we’re being targeted and how to avoid becoming a statistic with some handy dos and don’ts on modern phone use. Not meant to scare! Just meant to inform. And it can’t hurt to stay one step ahead! Also, bear in mind that you’re not alone. You can always count on us to get rid of and keep away digital threats. Here’s our Mobile Security software to help you do just that.



Mobile Malware Infographic


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Mobile Security Mobile Security Mobile malware, mobile viruses, hackers. These are just some of the internet threats your mobile phone is exposed to. Beware and stay informed about how can you be protected against mobile malware. mobile anti virus, mobile security, mobile malware protection, bullguard Mobile Malware & What You Need To Know

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