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Activation of BullGuard



This section is for BullGuard users only. When you installed or purchased BullGuard, you chose a username (email address) and password. Use this information and your license-key to activate your BullGuard.




What does activation mean?



To activate software generally means to begin using a software product you have paid for.


With BullGuard, the activation process is related to the license-key we give to our customers. A BullGuard license-key has certain characteristics which it will pass on to the account it is used with: it can provide a specific amount of time (1, 2 or even 3 years), as well as all or just certain plug-ins - depending on where you have bought it from.


Note: At the moment, BullGuard uses license-keys for both physical discs or if you buy online from our website.



What happens if I don't activate BullGuard?

If you choose not to register an account and activate it,BullGuard will not protect your PC. You need to register an account before BullGuard becomes active.




Activation on more computers

A BullGuard account can be used on up to 5 computers - 3 is standard but you can also choose to purchase BullGuard for 1 computer or pay for the extra 2.


Please note that it is the account that you will actually be using on more computers, not the license-key. Once you have used the license-key to activate BullGuard on your first computer, you do not need to enter it again on the 2nd, 3rd or 5th computer. Since it has already been activated, BullGuard will tell you that the license-key is already in use.


To avoid this, please press the option called Log in to BullGuard and just log in with the username and password you chose when registering.


Note: Even if you have used the license-key for activation, it is recommended that you keep it because if you forget your username, our Support can use it to identify your account.





If you have bought online



Buying BullGuard online for the first time is the same thing as buying in a store, as you get a license-key after the purchase.


However, upgrading or renewing an account is done automatically by our systems, without user-intervention.


So basically if you buy online, activation means using the license-key you have paid for.


Depending on the payment option you choose, processing the order may take a few minutes (credit card) or up to 14 days (bank transfer).


Either way, at the end of every first purchase, you are given a license-key, that you can use on our activation page to convert your trial account into a paid one.


After you do that, even though the payment was not finalized at the moment you used the license-key, upon every computer startup BullGuard connects to our servers and retrieves your latest subscription status.


This means that if you payment has been received, your account will be updated - and you will see this in the Settings section under the Account tab.


If BullGuard has not updated in due time, please see this guide: How to activate BullGuard






If you have bought in a store



If you have bought BullGuard in a store, or got a CD from your system builder, then you most likely have a license-key you can use to activate BullGuard.


The license-key (or activation key) is a 16-character combination of numbers and letters, in the format:





a. First installation of BullGuard

Activating your BullGuard is very easy and quick: you must install the program and register (create) an account:








As BullGuard works as a subscription-based application, you will be asked to create an account when running the application for the first time.


Creating an account is simple and easy and the process takes only a few minutes as it only requires starting BullGuard and choosing a username and password for the account. The application will be fully functional as soon as the account is created.


The account registration is only necessary for users who have not had BullGuard installed on that computer previously. If any other version of BullGuard has been installed, you will not be prompted to register an account but only to login with your already registered account.


Create account: Allows you to create a new BullGuard account. This option appears only when BullGuard is installed for the first time on the computer. If another version has previously been installed on the computer, this option will be grayed out.


Log in to BullGuard: If you already have a BullGuard account you can login with your account details and skip the account creation process. This option will be enabled by default if any BullGuard version has previously been installed on the computer.


NOTE :   If you want to learn more about the registration process, follow this guide : Registration with BullGuard - step3&4



b. BullGuard is already installed


If BullGuard is already on your computer and you have decided to buy a copy in a store or from the website, you can still use the license-key to upgrade or renew your account.


You have 2 easy ways of doing this:


1 - Activate using the application


Open BullGuard, go to Settings > Account.



Account Settings



Type in your license-key code in the rectangular screen, then click Submit license key to complete the process:


2 - Activate online


Use the activation page to enter your username, your password and your license-key. Please note that this will not create an account, but will only work if you have already registered one.


arrow_readmore Activation Page






Thank you for choosing BullGuard!



Kind regards,


The BullGuard Team

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