Payment FAQs



Payment FAQs



Welcome, BullGuard user! Please consult the below list of frequently asked questions

about buying BullGuard online. They may help you save some effort.


Please remember the dedicated email address for payment-related issues is







I paid for BullGuard, but nothing happened?



You may experience that your BullGuard has not been updated, even though you have confirmation of your payment. Do not worry - this is most likely because the BullGuard application on your computer and our backend systems have to be synchronised.


For example, if you buy via credit card, the payment is processed within minutes, but synchronisation may not happen just as fast. To check if your account has been updated, you can "force" a connection to our servers by opening BullGuard, then going to Settings > Account and pressing the Check status button (you need to enter the username and the password and click on the Login option). Otherwise your BullGuard will only show the change the next time your restart the computer - since the software is programmed to contact the server upon every startup to retrieve the latest subscription status.



I did not get the confimation email...



Normally, after every purchase made from the BullGuard website, you will receive one email confirming your payment. If you do not receive it, this can be attributed to three things:


a. Your email address might not be working correctly. If you have received other mails while expecting the BullGuard confirmation emails, this is not the case.


b. The email could have been marked as Junk or Spam by your spamfilter. If so, look for it in the Junk / Spam folder and move it back in your Inbox. You may also indicate to your spamfilter to accept all emails coming from the "" domain.


c. The email address (your BullGuard username) you have stated is not your own or it has been misspelled.


Unfortunately, this email cannot be re-sent since it was automatically issued by our servers when you buy. Please contact our Support at if you have any questions about your purchase.


I was only granted 14 more days, even though I have paid…



When you choose to pay for BullGuard by Check, Bank Transfer (including Direct Debit) or e-Invoice, your order is labelled as "Pending" (In progress) and you are granted a 14-day temporary license so that you are protected until your payment reaches GlobalCollect, the company that handles fund collection and invoicing for BullGuard.


This should be enough time for you to go to the bank / post office and send the money, as well as for the money to arrive and be cashed in by GlobalCollect.


Note: If more than 14 days have passed and your subscription was not updated, it could be that there was a problem with your payment. We kindly ask you to contact our Support by writing to so that we may assist.



I did not receive the discount I was promised…



If you have received a discount Renewal Offer by email and still you have paid the full price, please write an email to and include your purchase details. We will provide a partial refund or a proportional time extension - you decide.


Note: The offer can only be accessed via the special link in the Renewal Offer email. If you have bought from our website directly, in some cases the discount will not be automatically applied.



I've accidentally paid twice for BullGuard...



No need to worry. Just write an email to and we will issue a refund.


Most of the times your second mistaken payment will show up in our backend systems, but it may be that you will be asked to provide a "proof of payment" document.


Note: The best such document is a scanned bank statement, issued by your local bank office, or a copy of the cheque you sent by mail. Online banking statements cannot be used to track down payments because - due to likely Internet crime risks - these were specifically designed to include as little identification info as possible.

My credit card is not accepted…



Depending on your country of residence you may not be able to use certain Credit / Debit Cards, as follows: for example, Maestro cards cannot be used for international transactions and are not accepted by our system.


Please make sure you type in all 16 digits of the credit card number and do not leave any blank spaces. Also, make sure your card is not expired and that you have sufficient funds on it.


If more than one of your cards is continuously being rejected by our system, please contact our Support.



Where can I check my payment status?



Please access the Check Order Status page to see if your payment was processed by GlobalCollect.


arrow_readmore Check order status


IMPORTANT! You will need to have your payment reference number at hand. This number is very important in tracking down your order and is found in the confirmation email you received from BullGuard after making the payment.

Click here for an example.


The link will take you to a GlobalCollect page where you can choose the payment method that you used, then input the order reference number. This should provide the status.


I bought BullGuard from my ISP…



If you have bought BullGuard from your Internet Service Provider, then we must kindly ask you to contact them for any account or subscription-related problems. This is because your account is found in their client database, to which we do not have access.


Thank you for understanding.



I want to buy a CD with BullGuard…



If you wish to purchase a CD copy of BullGuard, please note that these are only available in stores, or online shops such as Amazon UKWe do not sell or ship any retail boxes through this website.





Thank you for choosing BullGuard!



Kind regards,


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