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Renewal issues

Please find below the 3 most common renewal issues encountered by our customers, and the correct solution for each.






Buying under a different email address

Whether it is upgrades or renewals, it is very important that you use the same email address as your current BullGuard account username.

•  If you have a trial account, use the same email address to buy a subscription


•  If you have a paid account, use the same email address to renew or buy more backup

If you type in a different / misspelled email address in the BUY page, then another account is created - independent from the one you are using to log into BullGuard. The unfortunate result is that the account you are using on your computer will expire, and leave your computer unprotected.


Solution 1

Use BullGuard with the new account you created. To do so, you must log into the application with your new username and the password . Please see this guide to learn more:

How to change the user


Solution 2

If you want to use your current account - not the one you created by mistake - you can contact our Support and ask that the paid subscription be transfered to your "old" account.





Using a fake email address as username

Your BullGuard username should be a valid email address. Please make sure you type it correctly, and that the address is operational and yours.


This address is where all reminder emails and discount offers are sent, as well as where you get answers to scan report submissions from our Support team.



We advise you change your username by following this guide: How to change the username and password






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