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The best way to renew



Welcome, BullGuard user!


This section will describe the easiest and best way to renew a BullGuard subscription online.


The optimal process should go as follows:


• You decide to renew your BullGuard subscription.


You extend your paid account for another 1-2-3 years.



1- button

On the BullGuard Shop page, click on Renew.









2- button

After entering your username and country and clicking on Continue, you will be  shown your current subscriptions.









This is your current type of subscription. Press the Continue button in order to customize the product according to your preferences.

Note: The email address from the image is only an example, you must use your own BullGuard username in the form of a valid email address.







3 - button

Next, you will reach the page where you can choose your next subscription. Note that depending on the choices you make, you can see how much money you pay extra or save.










4 - button

Next, choose a suitable payment method, fill in all required details and press Pay Now. More information on all available payment methods can be found here.












5 - button

Once you finish making the payment or filling in the necessary information, you will reach the final page, where you get to see your invoice number and instructions on how to make the payment (if you chose an offline payment method).








Note: Each user receives his own unique Reference number. The reference number from this image is only an example. We have hidden the last 8 digits on purpose, so nobody can use it. The reference number is a string of numbers (no letters included).




6 - button

You will also see the invoice in the lower part of the final page. It is strongly recommended that you make a note of your invoice number, as it can be used in tracking down your payment should there be any problems.








That's it - your order will now be processed and your account updated!


Note: If your BullGuard has not been updated in due time, please see this guide: How to activate your paid subscription








Important information

After you have completed the payment, a Confirmation Email will be sent to the email address


* If you have converted your trial account to a paid one :

•  The email is called Thank you for purchasing BullGuard coming from and includes your :

- product license-key

- Invoice Number

- further payment instructions, if needed(i.e. for bank transfer).


* If you have renewed your existing subscription:

•  The email is called Thank you for renewing your BullGuard product coming from and includes your:
- Invoice Number
- further payment instructions, if needed(i.e. for bank transfer).

Should you encounter any problems with your payment, send an email to and we will assist you as soon as possible.









•   Your BullGuard username is an email address - please make sure you type it correctly, and that the address is valid and yours. This address is where reminder emails are sent, as well as where you get answers to scan report submissions from our Support team.


•   Your account is independent of the version you use - you can use your BullGuard Internet Security account with any version of the software. Upgrading from an older version to a newer one is completely free of charge.


•   Your account can be used on 1, 3, or 5 PCs - depending on your subscription you can install BullGuard on a 2nd (to 5th) PC, while still using the same username and password. BullGuard is thus able to protect all PCs found in most households.


Thank you for choosing BullGuard!



Kind regards,


The BullGuard Team

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