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Backup Filter settings


Fine-tuning the backup profiles


The Backup Filter is a feature helping you to fine-tune your Backup profiles and further customize them by extending your search area while including only specific files or folders. Thus, you can save drive space by backing up only a specific number of files.


Using Filter settings


The Filter window can only be accessed when creating or editing a Backup profile. You will find this option on the bottom of screen where you select the files that will be backed up (the Edit option from the What tab).






Below the list with the profile’s content, you have the Select Filter button where you can exclude specific items from the files or folders you wish to backup. The purpose of the Filter is to allow you to backup only the type of files or folders you need to without taking too long or occupying too much space.



The File attributes filter allows you to configure what files should be backed up depending on size or created/modified date.






Larger than: allows you to exclude files which exceed the specified size.


Smaller than: lets you exclude files which are less than the specified size.


Unchanged for the last: allows you to exclude files that have not been modified for the specified time interval.


Unchanged since: lets you exclude files that have not been modified for the specified time interval.


The Names filter is used to exclude specific files or folders names from being backed up (e.g. preventing BullGuard from backing up folders named Sunday afternoon or Source containing large files to save space on the backup). To add a new name, click on the + button and use the  button to remove it.






The File types filter allows you to exclude specific files from being backed up or to include only specific file types and makes the application ignore the rest of the files. You can use either the Exclusion or Inclusion file type filter, but not both at the same time.




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