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Backup - Online Drive (discontinued)

Accessing the Online Drive


Depending on the BullGuard product you have purchased you might have the Online Backup Drive included in your subscription. You can access the Online Drive from the BullGuard application by using the Online Drive button from the Backup   drop down button in the main BullGuard window, from Windows Explorer or from internet browsers (such as Internet Explorer).

Note: encrypted, archived and compressed files cannot be opened from the Online Drive. 

Using the Online Drive






* Open BullGuard, go to the Backup section and choose the Online Drive option from the drop down menu or simply open Computer or Windows Explorer and you will see the Online Drive icon.


ExclamationMarkOpening Computer


You can open Computer from the Windows Start button or Windows Explorer by either:


  • double clicking the Computer icon
  • pressing the Windows key + E from your keyboard


Manually uploading files to the Online Drive without using a Backup profile can only be done by using the included UNITY folder.


* To have files backed up directly to the Online Drive you can use the drag-and-drop functionality or copy-paste them in the UNITY folder. A pop-up screen will appear showing you the progress of the backup operation.


* To restore the files, either use drag-and-drop from the backup drive to any location on your computer or use copy-paste functions to move the files from the drive.

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