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Banned hosts


This section allows you to see the banned IP addresses and to edit the list by adding or removing IPs.


The IPs can be banned manually by you or automatically by the Firewall after an attack has been detected. While BullGuard will automatically ban any attackers for 5 minutes by default, the ban period can be modified or removed.






The Firewall can automatically ban IPs only temporary (for 5 minutes), while you can use a temporary ban (5, 30 and 60 minutes) or a permanent ban. To ban an IP address for a specific amount of time, you will need to ban it from the Firewall Logs tab.


To place a permanent ban, go to BullGuard's main window and click on the (...) button from the Firewall section, then choose the Banned Hosts option. Right click in the list and select the Ban new host option which will open the ban list window. In this list you can add several IP addresses and the Firewall will create a ban rule for each of them.






Simply click on the + button to open the host address window. Here you will need to enter the IP details of the computer you wish to ban in the Firewall.






After entering the IP details, click OK in the Edit host address window to have the IP added to the ban list and then OK to save the ban list. This will have the Firewall create a ban rule for each IP entered in the list.


To lift the ban for a host, simply select the IP you wish to unban and click on the  button. This will remove the ban rule from the Firewall. Alternately, you can right click the IP address and choose the Remove ban option.






Ban new host: allows you to add an IP to the ban list. The computer behind the IP will be permanently prevented from connection to your machine.


Remove ban: will lift the ban from that specific IP address.


This host is trusted: in the rare cases of ‘false positive’ attack detection, when a legitimate computer has been blocked by the Firewall, you can choose to unban that IP and add it in the Trusted hosts lists exempting that IP from any future checks by the Firewall attack detection system.


Ban permanently: will replace the temporary ban with a permanent one preventing that IP address from ever sending or receiving information to or from your computer.

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