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Duplicate finder


This feature is part of the PC Tune Up module and it allows you to locate copies of your files on the drives. This can be helpful when you need to decide how to clean up and organize your files.


In order to access the Duplicate files you will need to click on the “ “ menu button from the PC Tune Up box shown in the main BullGuard window. When the drop-down menu appears, select Duplicate Files:




While the search is in progress, an animated window showing the number of duplicates found will be displayed:






As soon as the search completes, the Duplicate Files report will open and display all duplicate files larger than 10 MB:




Once a duplicate of a file is identified, the wizard will preselect for deletion the newest duplicates and keep the original. However, you can manually select for each file which version to keep, depending on your needs.

Grouping is available to see how much space each category of files is taking.

The duplicates identification is made by content, so a file that has a different name but the same content will be correctly identified.

To remove the duplicates, press the “Delete” button. A window showing the progress and the deleted files will be shown.


For files that cannot be removed, the reason will be displayed (the file is in use or protected) along with a “Try again” button.


If no duplicate files are found, the wizard will display this information along with a recommendation to run a Cleanup Helper scan through a notification window:


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