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Social Media Protection alerts

The alerts generated by Social Media Protection can be viewed either from the My Account section on our website or directly from the Facebook account.



Note: Parents can view the alerts from the My Account section, while children can view them from their Facebook account.


A.    Access alerts through the My Account section – instructions for parents:


1.    Open My Account on your PC and log in with your BullGuard username and password.


2.    Select the Profile you wish to see the alerts for from the dropdown list.






B.    Access alerts through Facebook – instructions for children:


1.    Log in to your Facebook account and click on Home.






2.    In the Apps section, click on Social Media Protection to bring up the app.




You will now see all alerts listed below. In order to filter them, you can:


a.    Sort them by alerts related to messages/pictures/links.






b.    Sort them by high risk/moderate risk/low risk.






Click on the downward arrow as shown in the screenshot below in order to bring up the Alert Reason and more information on what was received.






In order to find out more about the person, click on the name or any of the other hyperlinked entries, like Messages, Links and others.



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