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Spamfilter settings

This section provides access to general settings that will apply to all e-mail clients present on your computer. If you use web-based e-mail addresses (e.g. gmail or hotmail) you should not need antispam protection, as it will already be provided by the e-mail service provider. To reach this section, click on the (...) button from the Spamfilter section, choose Settings.


For the Spamfilter plugin you have two levels of settings: Basic and Advanced.


The Basic level allows you to disable or enable the Spamfilter plugin.


The Advanced level will display several more options, to allow you to fully configure the Spamfilter.






Automatically white list addresses I write to: with this option enabled, the Spamfilter will add to the whitelist any addresses you send e-mails to. Whitelisted addresses will always appear in your inbox, never in your spam folder.


Automatically white list cc’s of trusted senders: this option will white list all the e-mail addresses from the CC field of e-mails coming from already trusted senders.


Include footer in sent e-mails: will attach a footer to all the e-mails you send to certify the e-mail has been checked by the BullGuard Spamfilter.


Configure your contacts: this section will show you how many safe and unsafe (blocked) e-mail addresses and domains are set up. In order to see or manage these addresses or domains, click on the Edit contacts button. You can read more about how to edit your contacts from the Managing the Whitelist and Blacklist guide.


Reset Spamfilter to original settings: will clear all changes made to the Spamfilter. This includes deleting both the whitelist and blacklist, as well as resetting all counters to 0. When reverting all changes, you will need to run all e-mail client Guides again.

E-mail clients

Under the Spamfilter settings, you will also notice a subcategory of settings called E-mail clients. This is where you can see the list with the supported e-mail clients and configure the Spamfilter for each if the e-mail clients that have been detected on your computer.


Select Spam folder: clicking on this button will open a new window that will display the accounts you have in that e-mail client and all the folders associated with these accounts. You will be able to choose where you want to place the messages that will be identified as being spam messages. All the spam messages will be moved to this designated folder.






Training: clicking on this button will open a two step wizzard.The wizzard will open, displaying a list with all the accounts you have in the e-mail client and all the folders associated with these accounts.


In the first step of the wizzard, you need to check the boxes for the folders you know to be free of spam. (For example, a folder that can not contain any spam messages is Sent items. You know these are not spam messages because you have sent them yourself.)






By clicking Next you will be again shown all the accounts you have in the e-mail client and all the folders associated with these accounts and you can check the boxes for the folders which contatin only spam messages (or unimportant or deleted messages).






When you have completed training the Spamfilter for that e-mail client, click Finish.

If you have multiple e-mail clients, you will need to configure each of them.

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