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Secure Browser

Plugin available in:

The Secure Browser will offer the full experience of a normal browser, but also offers multiple layers of protection.

To use the Secure Browser, you can use the shortcut on the Desktop or start it from the BullGuard product.

At every point in your browsing experience, you will be informed of whether your browsing is secure, through a set of checks:
  1. Certificate: This will check the certificate of the site to exist and be valid.
  2. Cloud check: This will check whether the page is safe to access.
  3. WiFi: This will check the WiFi connection to be secure.
  4. HTTP over HTTPS: This will check whether the site you are visiting has unsecure elements in it.
  5. DNS encryption: This will check that the actual server the page is on is the one you have tried to reach.
  6. PC status: This will report whether your PC is clean.
  7. BullGuard status: This will ensure your Security is turned on.
  8. BullGuard VPN: This will check whether you have BullGuard VPN and recommend you turn it on for a fully secured browsing session.
Our recommendation is to navigate away from sites which do not pass the tests.


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