The Antitheft plug-in works in conjunction with a web-based account management console from where you can send commands to your device in case it has been stolen or lost.


If you open the Antitheft module from the main BullGuard application window, you can see which features are available and enabled for your device. You can also enable and disable the module from this screen.





The available features (all enabled by default) are:


Lock: Allows you to remotely lock your device in order to prevent unauthorized access.


Wipe: Allows you to remotely delete all personal data on the device.


Scream: Remotely triggers an audible alarm so you can locate your phone in case it's in your vicinity.


Locate: Pinpoint the location of the device using its built-in GPS.



IMPORTANT: installing BullGuard without Administrator rights will disable the Antitheft feature. Find below the functionality differences for the affected commands:




  • If the device already has a lock screen configured:


− When a lock command is sent with a new password, the password lock method will replace the existing one and the device will be locked using the new password.

− When a lock command is sent with an empty password, the device is locked with the existing lock method.



  • If the device does not have a password configured:


− When a lock command is sent with a new password, the device is locked with this new password.

− When a lock command is sent with an empty password, the device is NOT locked.


Wipe (applies to Wipe on SIM change as well): will perform a factory reset deleting all information, applications and data from the device and the SD card.


DO NOT ENABLE Wipe on SIM change if you use more than 1 SIM card for your Android smartphone. This way, you’ll avoid losing important private information.


Using the Antitheft features



In order to actually use the enabled features, you will need to log in to your Mobile Security Manager and select the device you want the command sent to.


From here you can use the buttons coresponding to the above features. Here you can also view the map with the locations reported from the device. For more information on using the Anti-Theft features please click here.


IMPORTANT: The commands are sent through Google Messaging Service in case Internet connection is available and a Google account is registered on the device. Otherwise the command will be sent through a text message to the number you entered when registering.

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