Activating SMS Commands


This feature is included in the Antitheft section and, once activated, will allow you to send commands via SMS messages from other phones to your own. You can use this feature if, for example, your phone has been stolen or lost and you wish to lock it or find out its location, or if you have misplaced the phone and you wish to find it by triggering a sound alarm but do not have access to the Mobile Security Manager.



You will find this option in your BullGuard Mobile Security application, in the Antitheft section, on the SMS Commands tab:






The SMS commands feature is disabled by default. You will need to use the slider next to its name in order to enable it.



PIN Code - Sending SMS commands requires the use of a PIN code, in order to verify that the commands come from the phone’s owner (you).  Once you activate the SMS Commands option you will be asked to create a PIN code. If you forget the code you will be able to reset it from the BullGuard Mobile Security application (see the example picture below) or from the Mobile Security Manager. In order to reset the PIN code you will need your BullGuard account password.





Sending SMS commands



Once the SMS Commands feature has been activated and you have set a PIN code, you will be able to send commands to your phone from other phones.
NOTE: SMS charges may apply to the device you are sending messages from.


The following commands are available:


Lock – Allows you to remotely lock your device in order to prevent unauthorized access. You can set a new password for the lock method, which will overwrite the current one. If you do not select a password, the existing lock password will be used.




Locate – Allows you to find out the location of the device. The command will trigger a signal from the device’s GPS, and the location will then be shown on a map in the Antitheft section in the Mobile Security Manager.




Scream locate – Allows you to trigger a sound alarm at full volume so that you can locate a device misplaced within hearing distance.




Wipe – Allows you to remotely reset the device back to its factory settings, deleting all personal data and applications.





NOTE: In order for the commands to work, they must be sent using the exact format from the above examples. Make sure to replace “YOUR_PIN” with your own PIN code and “YOUR_PASSWORD” with a password of your choice.

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