Clicking on the Antivirus tab from the left side bar in the Mobile Security Manager will display the detections of all OnDemand or OnAccess scanning sessions.


Information provided is the Date of the detection, the File or applications name, Category, Name of the detection and the Severity.





You can sort the reports by clicking on the desired tabs and use the Remove all and Keep only last 5 days buttons to clear information once it is no longer of interest to you. 


IMPORTANT: the Remove all and Keep only last 5 days buttons will not remove the detections from the device. In order to do this, you will need to use the Antivirus module from within the BullGuard Mobile Security application.



The Antitheft tab displays the Command history on the left hand side and the location map on the right hand side.


The Command History shows the last 10 commands sent to your device by using the buttons from the upper bar. It lists the Date, the name of the command and the status. Hovering over the Status of each command will display the reason it Failed or more information in case it was Executed.






To see more than just the last 10 commands and their status, scroll down the page and click on Load more.


The Location map from the right hand side shows you where your device was positioned when it received and executed the Locate command. By default only Today's locations will be shown, however you can choose the positions from the Last 5 days or All locations by clicking on the corresponding buttons.






The Backup section is split into 2 different tabs which you can use to see what information was uploaded and to download Files and Folders onto your computer without having a BullGuard products installed on it as well.




Shows you the Contacts you have secured in the left hand side and your Calendar with all entries visible on the right hand side. For the Calendar you can choose between a monthly, weekly or daily view.


Note: you cannot download Contacts and the Calendar from here. You can only do this from a Mobile device with BullGuard Mobile Security installed, using the Backup function.




Parental Control


The Parental Control tab shows you the information uploaded by the Parental Control module from the device in case it was activated. The information is split up into 2 tabs on the right-hand side of the page.


Note: The Parental Control feature is disabled by default and requires an active Internet connection in order to work. You can enable it either from the BullGuard Mobile Security application on the device or from the Settings in the Mobile Security Manager.


The frenqency of the uploads can be altered from the Mobile Security Manager settings.




Displays thumbnails of photos taken with the device camera or received through MMS. Clicking on a thumbnail will enlarge it so you can better view its contents.








Lists the applications installed on the device with the following information: Application name, Package name (the .apk file of the application), the Version and the Antivirus Status (whether it was detected as malicious or not). You will not be able to remove or interact with the applications from this screen - it is simply here so you can make sure that your child does not have any inappropriate or potentially harmful applications installed.





You can sort the installed applications by clicking on the desired tabs and use the Remove all button to clear information once it is no longer of interest to you.


IMPORTANT: the Remove all button will not remove any applications from the device.

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