Support Module Overview


To open the Support window, click on the SUPPORT button on the main screen.


You can contact the Support Team by email or live chat, access our easy product guides, ready to assist you every step of the way and access your account information, including subscriptions and payments.





Chat with us: provides quick and easy access to the Support Team. Once you reached our live chat web page, all you need to do is choose your language, then wait for a Support Technician to answer.

Send us an email: the feature was designed to be integrated with all popular email clients, so a new message window should open, with subject and destination already prefilled. If you don’t have an email client setup, you will be directed to a webpage, where you can choose where you want to send the email, depending on your question.

Browse for help: opens the product guides page, which includes all the information you need from product setup to subscription and activation processes. Our guides were redesigned to be concise, easy and efficient, once you reach our online content.

Go to your Account: opens the section where you can access the general information in your account. will apply to all e-mail clients on your computer. Since this is sensitive information, you will be asked to login, in order to read your information.

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