Login your existing account on a new device

In order to activate the application on a new device, login with your existing account and choose one of your licenses.

To get to the login screen, you will need to open the BullGuard application on your device and accept the BullGuard Mobile Security EULA (End User Licence Agreement) by tapping Accept. Tapping the Back button of your phone will decline the agreement and close the application.


Once you’ve agreed to the EULA, you will be asked to register an account or login with an existing account. Tap on Log In and enter your existing username (e-mail address) and password.


Your login will be processed and the app will start.

If you do not have any unused licenses, you will be instead presented with the licenses you currently have active under your account. From this screen you can disable one of the previous installations, or upgrade your account to cover more devices.



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