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How to remove Adware.MyWebSearch.AU





1. Restart the computer in Safe Mode.

2. Open Windows Explorer, locate the C:\Program Files\MyWebSearch folder and delete it, along with its contents.

3. Locate and delete the following file: C:\Windows\system32\f3PSSavr.scr.

4. Go to Start > Run, type regedit and press OK.

5. Go to Edit > Find... and type:



then press Find Next. Delete every entry that appeares with the above value.

Repeat the same step for the following values:

{07B18EA1-A523-4961-B6BB-170DE4475CCA} and

6. Also, locate and delete the following registry keys:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\MyWebSearch and

(and any other key that has a refference to the C:\Program Files\MyWebSearch folder)


7. Restart the system and run a full scan with BullGuard.


1. Increased network traffic.

2. Browser settings are modified.

3. Increased number of pop-ups may appear.


1. This is a browser toolbar for Internet Explorer.

2. When it is run, a process named mwsoemon.exe will appear in the Task Manager process list.

3. It will create several registry keys and it will also set itself to automatically run at startup.

The BullGuard Team

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