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How to remove Stoned.Angelina


13/9-2007: Update: BullGuard has developed a tool which will automatically remove Stoned.Angelina from infected systems after it has been found.



The presence of Stoned.Angelina has been reported on a number of Medion computers with the production ID

MD96290, with Windows Vista x86 Home Premium Edition.


If you have such a computer, and it is infected with Stoned.Angelina, the below tool will remove the virus:


Automatic Removal Tool for Medion-computers, MD96290


To use the tool:


1) Download the tool, save it on your computer.


2) When downloaded, right-click the tool and choose "Run as administrator".


3) Chose your harddisk from the list, and click "Repair MBR".


IMPORTANT: Do NOT use this tool, if you do not have the above specified Medion computer. The tool will only work

properly on this production, and may cause serious damage on other computers.




To remove this virus, you will need your Vista DVD. Please print these instructions before proceeding.


1. Insert the Vista DVD in your DVD drive.


2. Upon Vista loading, please press F9 to enter the boot menu.


3. Use the arrow keys to select Boot from CD and press Enter, then press any key to reboot, as instructed by Windows.


4. Upon reboot, select your language settings and press Next, then choose the Repair your computer option.


5. Click Next in the following window and then select Command prompt.


6. Type in "bootrec  /fixmbr" and press Enter.


7. Restart your computer.




Stoned.Angelina is a low-risk boot virus that infects the MBR (Master Boot Record) of hard disks.


This is a very old virus. Apart from its ability to spread from computer to computer, it carries no payload (damage)

to the systems it infects.


The most common method of spreading is by booting from an infected floppy which is not scanned before being

used. Stoned.Angelina has no noteworthy features. It exists only to propagate (spread).



The BullGuard Team

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