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How to remove Trojan.Renos, Program.Winfixer and other
Rogue Antivirus / Antispyware programs




This type of infection can replace your Desktop background, remove Task Manager and the Run command, generate pop-ups that warn about an infection on the system and provide a false removal tool for the virus threat (not free, but comercial) and add an icon similar to the one used by the Windows Security Center to your taskbar notification area




1. Download the following cleanup and virus removal tools to your harddisk:


- SmitRem - from here

- SmitFraudFix - from here

- RogueRemover - from here

- CCleaner - from here


2. Reboot the computer in Safe Mode ( Windows XP / Windows Vista )


3. Use SmitRem:


- Double click the downloaded smitRem.exe to extract the contents to a folder of it’s own

- Open the SmitRem folder and double-click RunThis.bat to start the SmitRem removal procedure

- Besides removing particular files that it looks for, the tool also runs the Disk Cleanup tool to remove temporary files on the harddisk that may contain problem files


4. Use SmitFraudFix:


- Double-click SmitfraudFix.exe

- Select 2 and press Enter to clean your system by deleting infected files

- When prompted: Do you want to clean the registry ? Answer Y (yes) and press Enter to remove the hijacked Desktop background and clean the registry keys associated to the infection

- SmitFraudFix will then check if wininet.dll is infected.

- You may be prompted to replace the infected file: Replace infected file? Answer Y (yes) and press Enter to restore a clean copy of the file

- You may have to restart your computer in order to finish the spyware removal process.

- You can find a report on spyware removal at the root of the system drive. Usually it will be located at C:\rapport.txt


5. Use RogueRemover:


- Double-click on rr-free-setup.exe to install in C:\Program Files\RogueRemover

- Navigate to that folder and double click the file named RogueRemover.exe or use the icon that was created on your desktop

- Once the program runs, select Check for Updates

- If prompted again, click Download to receive the latest updates

- When completed, close the update window

- Finally, select Scan and the program will walk you through the remaining steps


6. Use CCleaner:


- While still in Safe Mode, install and run CCleaner

- Use Analyze and Run Cleaner to search for possible problems

- Run Registry > Scan for Issues procedure

- Then click on the Fix selected Issues button to solve the problems detected in the registry entries and create a registry backup

7. Restart the computer in Normal Mode


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