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Infection found in WISO Mein Geld software


14:30, May 24 2008

The virus-engine in BullGuard has been detecting a file in the WISO Mein Geld software as infected.


This was a false positive caused by the Bitdefender virus-engine in BullGuard. The file in question

was not infected by a virus.


The signature has now been changed, and the file is no longer found as infected. Anyone affected by the problem should auto-update their BullGuard software.


If you have deleted the file in question, you can download it here:

The original location of the file is:
C:\program files\buhl\Wiso Mein Geld


If BullGuard has quarantined the file, please do the following:

- Open BullGuard and go to the Antivirus
- Click the "Quarantine" tab
- Check the checkbox next to the file "bdrm.dll"
- Click the "Move back" button

BullGuard and BitDefender apologize for the inconvenience this false positive has caused.



Kind regards

The BullGuard Team

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