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  • Internet of Things – your questions answered

    Perhaps you’ve heard about the latest Internet of Things (IoT) attack. Perhaps you haven’t. Not so long ago a very large number of IoT devices, were compromised and roped into a botnet. This army of hacked devices took down lots of big websites. Then it happened again. More smart devices were hacked to create an even potentially more damaging botnet.

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  • It’s all Uber now

    There’s a good chance that you’ve heard about the Uber hack, it’s been all over the mainstream news. The personal information of 57 million customers and drivers was hacked in October last year, and the company tried to cover it up by paying $100,000 to the hackers to destroy the data.

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  • Beware emails bearing Word doc attachments

    A phishing campaign has been detected that uses a Word attachment to try and fool recipients into downloading malware. There’s nothing unusual in that you might rightly say.

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  • User data protection feature request

    This feature will protect the user personal data from being accessed, modified or deleted by malwares...

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  • BullGuard quarantines explorer.exe?

    NorthPole Advanced member Date Joined Aug 2016 Total Posts: 134 I was rather taken aback earlier this morning when a BullGuard pop-up message reported that explorer.exe...

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  • SWTOR Problem

    Had this issue with SWTOR,if Parent controls are active Bullguard blocks the game..I have been in contact with support and recently emailsent to me with the following...

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